Letter to the Editor

Mixed feelings on Kalu/Ponga saga

Dear editor,
IT HAS taken me time to react to this running story.
As earlier expressed, I have mixed feelings on the matter because I hold Ponga as an elder brother in the profession and as a family friend.
Great Kalu…well, no matter what is said, I love his talent, spirit and what he did for Zambia.
However, things to note here are that:
1. Ponga is the storyteller and his subjective objectivity is his professional right to choose whatever angle he deems befitting for his story, abeit leaving out important facts like our winning the 2012 AfCON trophy, etc.
Nevertheless, one has to declare interest if personal feelings are involved
2. Yes, they have been at it forever. This fight has been going on for a long time between people who were once great buddies.
3. Having worked as a sports reporter during this period myself, what Ponga said are things we used to hear in dark-corner whispers. Some of them as facts and some of those as myths. Ponga, being a renowned sports journalist close to the subject, they were substantiated in that article.
4. It would have been a more authentic and appreciated story had it been written by another journalist, seeing that there is personal ‘beef’ at play.
5. Ponga has been there since the inception of Kalu’s huge career. He further took over Kalu’s FAZ administration. He is an authority on the mater
6. Great Kalu is no doubt one of my greatest heroes to ever grace the game. Personally nothing will ever overshadow my belief in his icon status.
Finally but not the least, if kalu was wrong or right, he is not immune to being written about. After all, prominence is one of the major determinants of news in journalism.

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