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Misty Café goes ‘Telemundo’

THE Misty Jazz Restaurant and Café at Levy Junction Mall in Lusaka, which is more used to jazz evenings with its house band led by Victor Kasoma, last Friday changed its complexion when it went the ‘Telemundo’ route.
And yet, that was not all; it even spiced it up with some kizomba and salsa dancing, perhaps to complete the Latin flavour.
But the moment Mampi took to the stage, you knew that she was always going to change the dimension of the night. And she did just that as she sang Adele’s Hello on which she was backed by the Misty’s house band.
What a choice of the song by Mampi!
She chose to sing Adele’s song five days after the big-throated British singer gave a shaky performance at the Grammy Awards.
It was one of the Grammy night’s most anticipated performances; yet, something went wrong, with her voice not having its usual punch, the microphone cut briefly and a clanking sound being heard clearly in the background.
But to her credit, she still somehow managed to kill it.
And that is what Mampi did; she killed Hello.
Yet, she was not done for the night; together with her fellow Passionistas, as they called themselves. Dressed in red, white and black, the Passionistas, who included part of the cast from television drama series Fever, took turns to the microphone, dishing out different tunes including some kalindula.
Before that, their eyes were glued on the makeshift screen, which premiered the new telenovela A Passion for Revenge, which features some of the biggest names in the telenovela industry such as Aarón Díaz, Gonzalo García Vivanco and Ana Lorena Sánchez.
This telenovela revolves around the lives of the Gallardo brothers, who are seeking revenge and justice against a man they suspect to be responsible for the death of their sister, Ignacio del Junco, the same man who also won their sister’s heart and got her pregnant.
Despite their suspicions, they soon find out that Ignacio is dead and they start to focus their vengeful efforts on the del Junco family and Ignacio’s widow, Cayetana Belmonte del Junco, a woman with a fatal wrath for anyone in her path.
But things do not go as intended for the Gallardo brothers as they soon find themselves entrapped and bewitched by the beautiful del Junco sisters.
When the intentions of the Gallardo brothers are realised, a war between the families erupts and an unparalleled series of dramatic events ensues.

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