Mission accomplished, ancestors now at peace

THE Great Great grandson to King Mulambwa, Mulambwa Likando (right), with Diversity Restoration Solution president Eric Sheppard after the former handed over a chain of liberty during an event to mark 400 years since American slave trade. PICTURE: ELIZABETH CHATUVELA

EXACTLY 400 years ago, their forefathers were shipped from their respective villages in Africa, consequently stripping them of their nationalities, names and dignity.
Though generations have passed since the first slave was taken to America in 1619 in a Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, the descendants feel now is the appointed time to seek restoration, both physically and emotionally.
It is a restoration similar to that of the descendants of Israel who were freed from slavery after 400 years of serving the Egyptians, as narrated in Exodus 12, in the Bible.
As many of the African-Americans are up and about, in different places, on the African continent, in search of their places of origin, an 11-member team was in Zambia, in particular, Mongu, in Western Province, to trace their roots, but most importantly, to lay a foundation stone for what will serve as the African headquarters of the Diversity Restoration Solutions (DRS) inc USA centre.
The African Home-coming Centre/DRS centre will be one of a kind, with a genealogy, cultural heritage world-class conference facility, where African-Americans can reconnect to the continent and renew lost ties that were forcefully taken away from their forefathers by the slave traders. http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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