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Missing judgment delays justice

KITWE High Court judge Catherine Makungu has explained that it has taken long to pass sentence on a man of Kitwe convicted of incest in 2011 because the judgment is missing.

In this case, Frank Sinyangwe was charged and convicted of incest after he had sex with his daughter.
When the matter came up for sentencing on Monday, Mrs Justice Makungu noted that Sinyangwe’s case is very old.
When asked if the lower court gave him a copy of the judgment, Sinyangwe responded that he was not given any copy.
Sinyangwe, however, confirmed that he was tried and convicted of the subject offence and that judgment was delivered in July 2011.
Mrs Justice Makungu adjourned the case to March 16 this year for sentencing.
In another case, Mrs Justice Makungu told a man convicted of attempted rape that his record of judgment had just been found.
Nason Banda was charged and convicted of attempted rape in 2012, but was not sentenced because the record of proceedings had been misplaced.
“This is a 2012 case but we have been searching for the record and judgment. We finally got a copy of the judgment,” Mrs Justice Makungu said.
She adjourned the case to March 17 for sentencing.


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