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Mining still sustainable

ZAMBIA’S mining industry still has the potential to be one of the most sustainable global businesses, despite experiencing vast challenges in the past years, Zambia Chamber of Mines (ZCM) says.

ZCM president Nathan Chishimba, however, said if the mining industry is to remain sustainable and profitable over the coming years, there is need for regular consultations with the local and international mining experts.

Mr Chishimba was speaking at the Finnish business meeting organised by the Embassy of Finland in Lusaka in partnership with ZCM recently.
A Finnish business delegation was in the country last week to connect with local companies and decision-makers in Zambia to develop sustainable business activities.
“There has been a lot of confidence by the public due to the poor performance of the mining industry in Zambia, but hope is not lost.
“In order to sustain Zambia’s economic development, we need to engage local and international experts on how Zambia can be of the highest producers in the mining industry on the global market,” Mr Chishimba said.
Earlier, Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment Jari Gustafsson said there is need to find alternative ways that will make the mining industry more sustainable.
He said it is well-known that the demand for raw materials both renewable and non-renewable has increased and that metals, minerals and extractive industries are needed to provide modern society with essential products.
Mr Gustafsson said the mining industry should not be overlooked as it has positive influence through jobs and entrepreneurship creation and poverty reduction.
“In order to ease the tension between economic potential and negative environmental social impacts, we need to find new innovative ways to make the industry more sustainable,” he said.