Mineral Junxion Zambia to set up copper-processing plant

ABOUT US$ 3million has been set aside to construct a mineral processing plant by Mineral- Junxion Zambia Limited to process copper and cobalt slag at the dumpsite owned by Konkola Copper Mine in Kalulushi.

Under the project, 500 job opportunities will be created with 150 being permanent and the proposed project lifespan is about 25 years; however, the number of years is likely to increase if more waste tailing materials are sourced for the concentrator processes.

This is according to an environmental impact statement (EIS) report submitted by Mineral Junxion Zambia Limited to the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) and obtained by the Daily Mail yesterday.
The report says about 100 tonnes of copper materials will be processed per day to produce three tonnes of copper concentrate, and almost 97 tonnes will be disposed of as waste per day.
“The concentrator project is a froth flotation plant. Froth flotation will be used to concentrate copper sulphides and cobalt-based ores. This process method is advantageous of reasonable cost design, high practicability and stability, low-cost maintenance, and high efficiency.
“The proposed concentrator project is estimated to cost US$3 million and it will be implemented on a 70,000 square metres piece of land, including ancillary structures,” the report reads.
It states the main objective of the project is to construct a mineral-processing plant to process copper sulphides and cobalt-based ores and meet demand for the products of copper and cobalt.
The implementation of the project will have both positive and negative environmental impacts but the effects will be significant as emphasis will be turning waste into re-usable material.


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