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Mindolo wife leaves 19-year-old marriage

A THIRTY-TWO-year old woman of Mindolo township in Kitwe has asked the Buchi local court to dissolve her marriage of 19 years because her husband batters

her and fails to provide for the family.
Mercy Kabaso wants to divorce her husband, Frank Mukupa, 40, whom she accuses of physically abusing her and failing to provide for her and the children.
The couple got married in 1998 and have four children between them.
Kabaso told Buchi Local Court senior presiding magistrate Nsama Banda that the couple lived in harmony when they got married but problems started a year later after Mukupa contracted tuberculosis and went to live with his parents in Chambishi.
She narrated that Mukupa started suspecting her of committing adultery because she was not living with him when he went to his parents.
Kabaso said Mukupa started battering her when he returned from his parents’ place and that the couple shifted from Chingola, where they were initially living, to Kitwe in order to change the environment but the beatings continued.
She said Mukupa started working for the mines in 2006 but that throughout his working life, she never knew his salary and he never provided support at home.
Kabaso said the suffering prompted her to beg for a K20 from a neighbour to enable her to start selling roasted cassava and chikanda.
She narrated that in her married life, she has only seen peace at home when her husband is broke.
Kabaso said when her husband lost his job, he started beating her and demanding to be given the proceeds she was realising from the cassava and chikanda sales.
She narrated that when the couple was sat down by both families, they resolved that Kabaso should be handing over the money for her cassava and chikanda sales to her husband to promote peace and harmony.
Kabaso said she could no longer continue living with Mukupa because he does not support the children and that his continued beatings might kill her one day.
But Mukupa told the court that the only reason Kabaso wants to divorce him is that she has a boyfriend.
He said he had barely spent a month with her after being released from a prison and that it was odd for his wife to file for divorce at this time.
Mukupa said Kabaso did not welcome him when he was released from prison but instead she looked sulky.
He complained that his wife is talkative and neglects her duties such as washing, ironing and cooking for him.

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