Mindolo demolition victims get extension to stay on camp

From MWILA NTAMBI in Kitwe
GOVERNMENT has given a two-weeks extension to the victims of the Mindolo-North demolition exercise to remain at the camp site established at Helen Kaunda secondary school grounds in Kitwe.
The deadline was set for September 22, this month.
Kitwe district commissioner Elias Kamanga confirmed the development in an interview.
Mr Kamanga said the extension has been necessitated by a ‘few administrative issues that are being addressed and considered’.
A fortnight ago, Mr Kamanga, who is the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) co-ordinator for the district, said all the people at the camp site were expected to leave the premise.
But a check by the Daily Mail at the camp site on Monday found the victims of the demolition going about their daily chores with no sign of relocating.
But Mr Kamanga urged the people living at the site not to be complacent but use the extension period to ensure that they find alternative accommodation.
“The deadline was set for September 22, this month but there has been an extension of two weeks. This is not to say people should be complacent but they should use this extension to get alternative legal land or secure accommodation elsewhere,” Mr Kamanga said.
In June this year, the Kitwe City Council demolished about 600 houses built on illegally acquired land in Kitwe’s Mindolo North area.
The land in question belongs to a private investor, the local authority and Mopani Copper Mines.
As a result of the demolition, some of the victims were moved to a camp site established by the DMMU under the vice- president’s office and have lived there for three months.
The local authority   on the other hand, has maintained that it cannot find alternative land specifically for the victims of the demolition exercise as it does not want to promote illegality in the city.

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