Military mini-city takes shape


MINISTRY of Defence permanent secretary Sturdy Mwale says over 60 percent of the 3,055 housing units at L85 military camp have been

occupied following the termination of housing allowances to the beneficiaries.
Mr Mwale said in an interview yesterday that out of the 3,055 housing units, 1,783 have been occupied, while 1,272 are yet to be occupied.
He explained that some soldiers have not yet shifted to the camp because of their personal renting contractual obligations which are still running.
“When you look at the number of housing units at L85, there will be a community of about 30,000 people thereby making that place a mini-city. This is a huge project,” Mr Mwale said.
Mr Mwale said soon, a hospital, school, sports and shopping facilities, banks and filling stations will be constructed.
Mr Mwale said roads will also be worked on.
L85 is in Lusaka West, some 36 kilometres from the capital’s central business district.
He dispelled as false rumours that some soldiers and officers are still getting housing allowances.
“We are in a hurry to turn L85 into a mini-city because that also will help the Zambia Army save a lot of money that was going towards rentals for army personnel,” Mr Mwale said.
Mr Mwale said the money saved from paying rentals will be used to improve conditions in barracks around the country.

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