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Milingo trial starts


TRIAL in which Konkola Copper Mines PLC (KCM) provisional liquidator Milingo Lungu is charged with theft and money laundering involving K4.4 million commenced yesterday after Lusaka magistrate Felix Kaoma dismissed the State’s application have Makebi Zulu Advocates to recuse themselves from the case. The State wanted the court to order Makebi Zulu Advocates to recuse themselves because they are conflicted for the sole reason that they represented KCM in the High Court. Magistrate Kaoma said after carefully considering the application and the detailed submissions supporting the application as well as submissions in opposition, there was no nexus between the matter in the High Court and the one before him and, therefore, cannot be said that Makebi Zulu is conflicted. “I therefore dismiss the application by the State,” Magistrate Kaoma said. After the case was dismissed, deputy chief state advocate Gamaliel Zimba said the State was considering making an application under section 337 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC), a law that requires the High Court to recall a matter to satisfy itself about the correctness of the issues raised. Mr Zimba, who is under the taxation and financial crimes department at National Prosecutions Authority (NPA), then CLICK TO READ MORE

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