Milenge school to introduce adult education

MUSABA Primary School in Milenge district, Luapula Province, will soon introduce adult education following its connection to the national electricity grid.
Head teacher Victor Kasuba told a team from the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) which was in the area to check on the progress of the Milenge Grid Extension Project that the school was just waiting for Zesco Limited to switch on the power.
Mr Kasuba said the delay by Zesco to switch the electricity on had delayed the implementation of the adult education policy.
“The school was connected last year, and we expected Zesco to switch the power on in June last year. But we are still waiting. Nobody has told us what has caused the delay.
“This has delayed the implementation of the adult literacy policy. As soon as the power is switched on, we will start conducting the adult literacy lessons because it is a government policy,” he said.
He said lack of electricity at the school has also affected staffing levels.
“Teachers have been shunning the school because there is no electricity. It has been difficult to persuade teachers to apply to be posted to this school because they want to live in houses that have electricity,” Mr Kasuba said.
He said the lack of electricity has also affected the performance of pupils as they are unable to study at night.
“We were expecting our school to be switched on by June last year, but to date; no one has told us what is happening. We are still waiting to be switched on despite being connected last year.
When REA senior power development engineer Nason Musonda, who was accompanied by corporate affairs manager Justine Mukosa, conducted an inspection, he discovered that even the service transformer has not been switched on.
He later reported that the delay to switch on the power has been caused by a resident who has constructed a house directly under the line in violation of safety and environmental regulations.
REA chief executive officer Geoffrey Musonda said in an interview later that the structure will be demolished and the owner compensated so that he can build a new house elsewhere.
The nearby Nkunga Primary School was also connected last year but the electricity is yet to be switched on because of the same problem.

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