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Mighty failures

I HAVE no respect for an executive committee that axes a coach – for whatever reason – two weeks into the season. The reason is that such an executive

either made a wrong choice altogether or has no slightest idea how to run football affairs.
Of all the teams in the Super Division – my count gives me 20 – Mufulira Wanderers, wanderers in the lower ranks for years, should be the ones to fire a coach for publicly disagreeing with the executive?
Granted, Wanderers are one of the best achievers in the Zambian game over the last 60 years not only because of big names such as Samuel “Zoom” Ndhlovu, Dickson Makwaza, Kalusha Bwalya and many others but because they have won nine Super Division titles.
That said, that history remains almost a shredded record at Shinde because the once Mighty side are nothing but whipping boys of Zambian football. Poor Zoom – an immortal figure – his bones would be turning in the grave if he were to look back at the humiliation the legendary team is being subjected to.
In my world of fairness and objectivity, such decisions are frowned upon. The executive, in its very poor decision, sacked coach Ahmed Suliman two weeks into the season!
Reason for the dismissal: insubordination.
The Egyptian last week took a swipe at the club’s executive committee for letting go of key players during the off season. Well, I would have said double what Suliman said.
Two days after Suliman’s dismissal, Wanderers suffered a 6-0 bashing to Super Division defending champions Zanaco.  I am sure Suliman had the last laugh.
The executive should have found a way of dealing with Suliman rather than showing him the exit door.
It is too early to resort to dismissals.
When Suliman took over last year, Wanderers were struggling but he managed to keep the legendary side in the top flight.
Wanderers finished in 12th position with 39 points.
I do not condone insubordination because it has no place in all spheres of life but the executive could have looked at other options to ‘deal with him’.
It’s too early to let emotions pour because the 2017 season is still young, and tough challenges lie ahead.
There is need for cool heads to prevail at all times so that decisions made are for the good of the club.
What guarantee is there that the person who will be appointed to replace Suliman will take Wanderers to the Promised Land?  It’s a wait-and-see situation.
Lusaka-based Wanderers fans on Sunday protested the defeat to Zanaco by calling for the resignation of the executive. The executive should put their house in order before it’s too late.
The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has appointed Rix Mweemba and Lombe Mbalashi as vice-president and executive committee member, respectively.
Mweemba, formerly treasurer, replaces Richard Kazala while Mbalashi was co-opted as a replacement for Blackwell Siwale.
Mbalashi strangely relinquished his position as FAZ deputy general secretary.
I expect the FAZ executive committee led by Andrew Kamanga to hit the ground running with these appointments. Trust me, Rix is the man for the job.
Yes, I want to see results and not squabbles, which FAZ seems to specialise in.,


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