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Mi Casa, Caitlin play for Jameson lovers

MI Casa

FOR those that attended the Jameson party at Portico Restaurant in the Lusaka Showgrounds, there was a lot to choose from.
After all, you are talking about a party involving the best-selling Irish whisky that was created in 1780 by the almost mythical John Jameson. For those that are converts, they will also appreciate that it is smooth and palatable.
In fact, the converts will know the world of Jameson: Jameson on the rocks; Jameson whisky sour; Jameson, ginger and lime, Jameson caskmates neat, Jameson caskmates on rocks, Brian’s favourite serve of Jameson black barrel, Jameson granny Smithfield; Jameson bitter sweet and Jameson dark spice, among others.
There is certainly more to Jameson, the reason someone said that the only thing you add to Jameson is more Jameson.
That is why the Jameson lovers crowded Portico, and for a good reason.
But there was more on offer than just the whisky – there was South Africa award-winning group Mi Casa, Cape Town-based Zambian violinist Caitlin, the talented Jay Rox as well as Ben and Kiki, who are regulars at R&G fixtures.
It clearly seems that the next time R&G organises a similar function, they may have to look for a bigger venue.
To use the old parlance, all roads led to Portico.
When R&G uploaded a picture of Caitlin performing, Charity Sichimbwe commented: “Caitlin, that was an excellent performance!”
Well, Charity, that is what you expect from Caitlin.
She can be wild, and also playfully stimulating.
Caitlin can perform on top of trucks, buses, tractors and even jumping between cabins on a moving train whilst performing. She is able to perform an aerial act which sees her back flipping, flying overhead and playing upside down without missing a beat.
She is not your conventional violinist.
She was a good addition to the line-up.
The organisers know it.
“Great music, great whisky and great vibes. Thanks to everyone who came through to the Jameson Live party on Saturday! The turnout was amazing and we hope you all had as much fun as we did. With incredible music from Ben and Kiki, Jay Rox, Caitlin and the amazing Mi Casa, the dancing never stopped and the Jameson kept flowing! We hope you enjoy the photos and the memories,” the organisers concluded.
Well, the Saturday weather seemed to be in agreement with R&G; it was just perfect for a whisky party.

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