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They met in a club, danced their way to marriage

“WE believe in love, it has the biggest place in our marriage, we respect each other’s privacy and we believe marriage is not for those who simply want to try if it will work or not.
‘Marriage is for those who resolve to make it work no matter the challenges. It is for a man and woman who are committed to each other and never shy to say sorry when one is found in the wrong”.
These were the words of political analyst Dante Saunders and his wife Violet. Dante and Violet met in 1962 at Hillcrest Club in Ndola were they both went for a dance.
To Dante it was a usual casual Friday for an energetic young man who was working in Kitwe but decided to go and spend his weekend in his home town Ndola.
He said little did he know that he would meet a woman who will steal his heart and later turned out to be the love of his life.
For Violet, going out dancing was a thing she enjoyed every weekend especially after the week’s pressure of work. At that time Ndola only had one club where youths could go for a dance.
“When I entered the club, I saw this beautiful young lady; she was the centre of attraction as you can see she is beautiful. I made up my mind that at all cost I should ask her for a dance which I did and decided that I should get to know her,” Dante said.
He said though he got an unfriendly response from Violet, his heart was telling her to pursue her which he did though her family didn’t like him.
Dante said, “I never gave up and I knew her family was the bridge I had to cross. I was later accepted by her family and we got married a year after we started dating. We were both 19 years old when we got married”.
The couple is blessed with only one child Bradley who has given them four grandchildren.
For Violet, getting to know Dante made her fall in love with him. “He is a complete opposite of me. I am a serious person who does not tolerate nonsense but Dante is easy-going, very friendly and I got attracted to him and in the end we have been able to balance well”.
She said the couple apart from being a complete opposite of each other, they go to different churches. Violet goes to Zoe Ministries International while Dante goes to a Catholic Church.
Dante and Violet said despite attending different churches, the couple have come to accept each other because they believe the most important thing is that they believe in one God.
The couple said one thing they have learnt in their 52 year journey of their love life is to give and take.
“I loved playing soccer and my wife never liked it.  We later discovered that we both love golf, prompting me to give up football and to both stick to Golf. Violet is not a politician, she is more into charity work but she gives me support in my political career,” Dante said.
The couple said despite growing up, they have kept their love burning by checking on each other. “We still sit down and talk, resolve our challenges together and say sorry if anyone of us is wrong. We do not mind who does the cooking between the two of us. We believe love should consume 70 percent of a marriage”.
Dante and Violet urge young couples to focus on building their marriage and let love lead.

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