Men urged to report GBV cases

THE Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) has urged men not to be ashamed to report gender-based violence (GBV) cases to police.
YMCA secretary David Kaunda said men should not carry the shame of reporting GBV cases.
Mr Kaunda is concerned that there is an increase in the number of GBV cases against men.
“We want to see what extent men are becoming victims of GBV, so much attention has been on the side of the women but when a case involves a man, it becomes silent,” Mr Kaunda said.
He said in an interview yesterday that GBV should be looked at in a balanced manner for both men and women.
He said men enjoy the same rights of safety in homes as women and are protected by the law.
“Men become victims of GBV when they are economically weak due to unemployment and this is a major factor contributing to them being victims of GBV,” Mr Kaunda said.
He said there are many men who are being abused by their wives because they do not financially contribute to their families.
He said women are quick to report GBV cases but there is silence when men are the victims.
Mr Kaunda also challenged the Church to teach young couples in communities about the principles of Christianity.

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