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Men should pay attention to their wives

Love & Life Issues with EMMANUEL MUKULA
SOMETIMES, a woman may be dying inside because of her husband’s displeasing activities. Unfortunately this affects her moods, crying a lot in the confines of her room or even taking it out on the children because her husband is too busy with other activities to pay attention to her needs. Even when he may know that what he is doing is breaking her heart, he chooses to ignore her.

A woman may get to a point of being fatigued about always talking to her husband about things that do not make her happy. It may range from him keeping late nights to not having time with his family. He is always busy.

A real man will not allow his wife to continue hurting without making an effort to make things right. Besides, in most cases, the problem squarely lies on the man to also play his part.
A man should not think his role as a husband ends at only providing for the family. He must take a step further and take keen interest on his wife’s well-being. A man needs to show appreciation.
A man should not expect to be appreciated when he does not reciprocate. A man needs to stop delegating parenting to his wife alone, children belong to the both of you. Do not be a visitor in your own home to a point where you do not even know what is happening with your children. It takes two to run a household. Be fully involved in every aspect of your family life.
Men are known to be good talkers but very bad listeners. At times what your wife needs is for you to just listen. Do not interrupt, let her express herself. Find time to spend time with your wife and allow her to pour out her problems. Show empathy. Listen carefully. Ask questions. Be fully engaged in the conversation.
Avoid being critical or negative. When she has hit the rock bottom, be the man who lifts her up, and brings light and hope back into her life. Get to know her moods, get to know her needs, get to know what is needed to be done at home and do them without being prompted. Learn the art of looking around the house and finding things that need to get done.
Remember not to just pray for your wife, find time to pray with her, hug her as you pray together. Your wife knows what you can do to help her get over her challenges.
Give a helping hand around the house and do all the cooking or hire somebody to help her do the chores. Let her just sit, eat and rest. This may be all she needs. Take her out, eat out, go to the cinemas, do things she loves to do.
Lastly – Let your wife be celebrated. Celebrate her in secret and in public. Talk about her beauty, motherhood, wife, support and thoughtfulness. This will make her feel great about herself.
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