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Men deserve to be loved and respected

Love & Life Issues with EMMANUEL MUKULA
SOME people will say that love is not so important to men, the most important thing a man needs from his woman is respect. Many have made it appear that love is for women alone and respect is for men but respect and love know no gender. Women need respect just like men, and men need love just like women.

A woman can respect her boss, she can respect her colleagues based on the positions they hold. You don’t have to be in love with someone to respect them. Respect is good, but love is higher and greater than respect. You can respect someone and not love them, but you cannot love someone and not respect them.

Some women keep quiet when their husbands speak because they are trying to show respect; yet they feel silenced. There are women who let their men have their way in the name of respect, but feel inferior to him. There are women who serve their husbands, cook, wash and clean after him out of respect; but inside she feels like a slave, a servant but the man feels respected. Is that how it ought to be?
Far too many women today lower themselves in order to show the man respect. The truth is that if the man deserves respect, the woman does too; if he wants respect he must respect her too. When you love someone, you listen to each other, you build each other and you please each other without suppressing each other.
Understand that respect doesn’t forgive, but love does. Respect doesn’t share, but love does. Respect doesn’t ask how you really are, but love does. Respect doesn’t make you need someone, but love does. You can respect someone and never be happy with them, but love makes two people happy together. You can be respected at home but not feel loved. A woman should do things for her man not because he is her husband but because she loves him.
The Bible says “Husbands, love your wives”. “Wives, submit/ respect your husband”. God is a God of order, the man is the head in a union of two, not because he is superior, but because of order and accountability, but in that order, love each other as husband and wife. The greatest commandment is love and not respect. The Bible says love never fails.
The truth is that not many men may accept it, but they need love. They need to be forgiven, they need to be cared for and they need to be held, affirmed, praised and listened to. They love being told “I love you” by the woman they love and they notice and get concerned when she stops saying it and showing love just as much as a woman expects this from her man.
In ending, let me say to the men that, be vulnerable with her and you will witness the power of love. Too many women long to love their men but the men choose opt for respect than love. A wise woman does more than respect her man, she loves him and a wise man will love his woman and respect her.
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