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Men, be sensitive to needs of your women

Lovee & Life Issues with EMMANUEL MUKULA
A MAN who emotionally and sexually neglects his wife, even after her several attempts to communicate and or get intimate with him, is literally telling his partner to find someone else’s shoulders, affection and bed.

I want to highlight certain needs in women that men sometimes tend not to meet and thereby make their wives vulnerable to other men.

Why should a man neglect his wife when he is obligated to meet her needs? Why should a wife feel unappreciated, neglected, or ignored? A woman who feels more like a housekeeper or nanny than a wife is more vulnerable to finding a situation that brings her attention and appreciation.
It is your duty as a man to see to it that you meet the needs of your wife because she needs you.
You cannot let another person begin to make your wife feel special, loved and cared for, when it is your duty. Why should your wife crave for intimacy from another man when you are around and not giving it to her? Just like men, women feel valued and connected to their partners through non-sexual emotional interaction such as touching, kissing, cuddling, gift-sharing, being remembered, and most of all, meaningful communication.
Women who are not getting intimacy needs met by their husbands may look elsewhere to meet those desires through romantic relationships. Some women may also engage in alcohol and or drug abuse, compulsive spending to compensate for the emptiness they feel inside.
Make your marriage exciting and don’t make her feel bored. Women who find themselves home alone for long, perhaps when caring for children, may feel their lives lack meaning, and might resort to romantic affairs to fill the void. Women who have spouses or partners who are engulfed with work and are absent for long periods of time, may also turn to affairs to fill the untenable emptiness.
I’m not in any way insinuating cheating. I’m simply reminding men of their responsibility towards their partners. When you started the relationship, you made her feel loved and appreciated. What happened along the way? If she no longer feels fully loved and appreciated, then there is a good chance she might stray to other men.
Women at times have expectations about what a long-term spouse or partner should offer them emotionally. When their husbands and or partners inevitably fail to meet their desires, they feel justified in seeking attention elsewhere and this may lead to cheating. This is the reason why I have always encouraged couples to communicate and let each other know what is expected of them.
Women enjoy the feeling of being wanted, needed, and desired sexually. A woman is more likely to break her vow of monogamy because she’s seeking this type of emotional connection than for pure sexual reasons. So it is your duty as a husband to be there for her. That is how women are wired.
For couples that are having misunderstandings, solid, neutral marriage counselling can help ease the pain. My advice is: always attend to her needs as a man.
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