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Media should set agenda for Kasama by-election

Dear editor,
Reading an article on former PF Kasama Central member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba who has declared himself ready to re-contest the vacant parliamentary seat on the UPND ticket, I couldn’t fail to notice his claims that he is ready to defend his seat in order to prove his popularity and that the developmental projects he had initiated in Kasama Central constituency would speak volumes during the campaign period.
He further claimed that the PF’s popularity in Kasama was a result of his personal contribution to the ruling party.
Many politicians in Zambia conveniently forget about the extreme poverty and desperation surrounding them when spending huge sums of money on election campaigns to win power.
What often disturbs me is that instead of spelling out a concrete vision, policies and programmes to deal with the myriad problems confronting their people, politicians entice poor voters with cheap
gifts and empty promises that they often fail to fulfill when voted into Parliament.
I wish to urge the media in Zambia to push all aspiring candidates for the Kasama Central by-election to spell out their policies on issues such as youth unemployment, poverty, child-marriages and crime.
The media owe it to the people of Kasama to set the agenda for an issues-based campaign that would help the electorate make an informed choice.
Politicians need to be relevant to the needs of the people.


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