Mealie-meal prices keep dropping

MEALIE-MEAL prices have continued to drop from a high of K100 per 25 kilogramme bag of breakfast meal in January to K58 currently.
In Livingstone, millers have reduced mealie-meal prices from K80 to K58 for a 25kg of breakfast following a bumper harvest the province recorded in the 2016/2017 farming season.

A check around the major supermarkets in the tourist capital revealed that a 25kg bag of breakfast mealie meal is being sold at between K68 and K71.
Mwasimu Milling plant manager Imbwela Mukuwe said mealie-meal prices have been reduced from K80 to K58 for a 25kg bag of breakfast because of reduced prices of maize grain.
Mr Mukuwe said the millers in the tourist capital are accessing the commodity from farmers at between K1.20 and K1.50 per kg.
He said the prices of mealie meal might reduce further because there are a lot of farmers selling maize at prices that are favourable for millers.
He thanked Government for the bumper harvest the province recorded.
In Lusaka, a survey revealed a similar trend – the price of the country’s staple food has tremendously reduced.
At Manda Hill Shoprite store various brands of 25kg of breakfast mealie meal are being sold at between K68 and K62, while roller meal is pegged at between K45 and K39.
In Kaunda Square, similar prices are obtaining.
In Mtendere township breakfast mealie meal is fetching K65, while roller meal is pegged at K45.Mtendere market trader James Kamboyi said he still has old stock of mealie meal which he is selling at K65 and K45, respectively.
The declining price trend was similar at other retail outlets in Kalingalinga, Kabulonga, Woodlands, Chilenje, Kabwata and Kamwala townships.
In January this year, Millers Association of Zambia president Andrew Chintala assured the nation that mealie-meal prices would reduce following combined interventions by his association and Government.
During the same period, Grain Traders Association of Zambia executive director Chambuleni Simwinga attributed the high prices of the staple food to smuggling as Zambia was the only nation with the commodity in the region.
And some people randomly interviewed in the townships expressed happiness with the turn of events.
Grace Shamwinde of Kabwata Site and service said if food is affordable then Government will not hear any complaints from its citizens.
Another resident of Chilenje South Mukumbuta Mulasikwanda said now that prices of mealie meal are dropping, he does not expect politicking.


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