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‘Mbala has tourism, agro potential’


LACK of infrastructure is hampering the development of Mbala, a traditional leader has said.
Chief Mpande of the Mambwe people said Mbala was losing revenue in untapped tourism because of lack of facilities.
Chief Mpande bemoaned the closure of Mbala Airport, saying this had adversely affected tourist arrivals.
The airport was closed from civilians and commercial traffic for security reasons.
The closure of Mbala Airport was also affecting the development of tourism and other sectors in Northern Province.
He said reopening and upgrading of Mbala Airport would boost business and the economy of the northern circuit.
In an interview in Mbala on Sunday, Chief Mpande said tourism and agriculture could reduce poverty and improve the livelihood of people in rural areas.
“We have the potential to develop in the tourism sector in the region by singularly opening [Mbala] airport,” he said.
Chief Mpande also said Kalambo Falls is a spectacular natural feature but attracts few visitors because of the bad state of the road leading to the site.
He said there was need to develop infrastructure at Kalambo Falls and Kasaba Bay, which boast of emerald-green waters and white beaches, respectively.
Chief Mpande also said Lake Tanganyika was another natural attraction which should be marketed.

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