Mbala gets new grain storage shed

THE construction of the maize storage shed in Mbala district in Northern Province which has capacity to hold 5,000 metric tonnes of maize has been completed.
Mbala is the leading producer of maize grain in the province but lacks sufficient storage facilities.
Mbala district commissioner Best Kabulembe said in an interview yesterday that the construction of the K9.2 million storage shed is a milestone in enhancing food security in the district.
“Mbala is the leading producer of maize in our region but the storage facilities we had could not accommodate all the maize grain. This is the reason we had to build a bigger storage shed whose works have been completed,” Mr Kabulembe said.
He Mbala has produced 52, 52 metric tonnes of maize this year and the produce has been stored in various facilities including the newly built storage.
Mr Kabulembe said Government is working tirelessly to ensure that all the farmers who supplied maize to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) are paid on time to enable them plan for the planting season.
He said of the 10,085 farmers who supplied maize to FRA only 1, 861 have been paid.
Mr Kabulembe urged the farmers not to panic as Government is likely to start releasing funds for maize payments from next week.
He said all the maize grain that FRA purchased has been secured to prevent any wastage.

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