Mayor warns council heads

PRINCE Chileshe.

SOME heads of devolved Government departments in Kabwe are allegedly shunning full council meetings and do not submit reports to sub meetings.

This came to light on Friday during a full council meeting when Kabwe mayor Prince Chileshe inquired if all heads of devolved departments were in attendance and he was informed that some of them were absent.
“This is not the first time that devolved departments don’t take council meetings serious,” a visibly disappointed Mr Chileshe said. “The council needs to take a decision on this.”
Mr Chileshe said if the heads of departments continue absconding full council meetings, it will be difficult to implement the Seventh National Development Plan and operations of the local authority will be affected.
“There are some councillors that have not spoken since we were elected,” Mr Chileshe said. “We are all called to serve the people and not to be passengers.”
And the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has partnered with civic leaders in Kabwe in the fight against drug trafficking and abuse.
Speaking during the same meeting, Central Province DEC education and counselling officer Cleopatra Kajubi said civic leaders are key stakeholders in creating a living environment free of drug and alcohol abuse.
“We hope that we can partner with you so that we reach out to members of the public. Drug and alcohol abuse is a problem,” Ms Kajubi said.
Ms Kajubi said people who are trafficking in drugs need to be exposed and taken out of the community because drugs are a danger to the well-being of the country.

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