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Mayor Sampa should enforce painting of buildings in CBD

Dear editor,
THE Keep Zambia Clean, Green and Healthy campaign was re-launched by President Edgar Lungu in April 2018.
The campaign is aimed at keeping our environment clean, including the trading places such as the central business district (CBD) of Lusaka.
When our environment is clean, green and healthy, it `minimises the outbreak of epidemics such as cholera. Furthermore, our environments become habitable.
I recall vividly when Minister of Labour and Social Security Honourable Joyce Simukoko was commissioning the Society Business Park on August 24, 2018, she implored the Lusaka Mayor, Miles Bwalya Sampa, to task the business people in Lusaka’s CBD to paint their shops.
This is important because some buildings look untidy, hence negating efforts to keep Lusaka clean, green and healthy.
On this score, I earnestly appeal to Lusaka Mayor, Mr Sampa to enforce the painting of business premises in the Lusaka central business district.
This will add to the beauty of the City of Lusaka.

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