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May prayers continue

LUSAKA residents during the day of prayer and fasting at Lusaka Showgrounds yesterday. PICTURE: COLLINS PHIRI

FOLLOWING the National Day of Prayer, Fasting, Repentance and Reconciliation yesterday, the vast majority of Zambians renewed their commitment to be righteous.
Right across the country Zambians converged on various venues to seek the face of God and be blessings on the country.
It is expected that this day has rejuvenated the millions of Zambians that know or believe that the hand of God over the country will help overcome the many challenges faced individually and collectively.
Indeed the country prayed, many with genuine passion, for Zambia too continue to be a peaceful country in which people are tolerant of each other.
Of course there are many others who contend that they have nothing to do with this day. Some, including people who should know better, have discouraged others from being part of this collective appeal or request to God – a God that hears prayers.
The onus is on the many Christians who know the power of prayer to keep the non-believer, the Doubting Thomas and blatantly sarcastic citizen in their prayers.
Oddly, there are many who will say that they are suffering in various ways and so have no reason to be part of such an occasion, let alone live or conduct themselves as a Christian should.
They contend that there are a lot of inequities in society and that because of this, they do not believe in being part of the occasion.
What should be realised is that no-one is saying that Zambia is a perfect nation. Rather, the quest is to make is such, hence the prayers to achieve this goal.
Christians should, therefore, soldier on. This is not an easy task. There are many enemies within and from afar. They do not want Zambia to be a nation that is in harmony with itself.
There are many who want the nation divided so that as its people wrangle and fight, they ransack its resources. How else would one explain such strong resistance to a call for reconciliation, for instance?
Zambians should not be swayed or distracted. They should believe and take up responsibilities that will build Zambia as a united nation. As God takes His part, citizens should play their part.
Because the country has prayed, it has to maintain and continue advocating for love, peace and unity.
Praying without living and walking the talk will be a sheer waste of time and energy, so the Christians must lead by example so that all those that doubt the value of this occasion will live to see the fruits of this effort.
Leaders in authority at various levels, especially politicians, should be in the forefront to encourage all citizens to live a life worth of Christians.
President Edgar Lungu and some other politicians have publicly bowed before God. This should encourage their followers to do the same.
Politicians while on the podium should continue calling for peace, love and unity. Citizens are tired of hate speech. There is no need for name calling anymore because the country has cast its collective burden on God.
Every effort should be made to start walking the talk otherwise citizens may start having misgivings about this noble call, dedicated to consolidating the gains of the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation.
Rededicating the country to the Creator as well as committing the challenges the country is facing to Him underscores the collective belief in the divine intervention.
It is the nation’s prayer, too, that citizens will also play their part, regardless of social, religious and political persuasions. Setting aside a day to pray is a magnanimous decision which should never be trivialised by any person.
This is because of the trust that God gives wisdom with the ability to handle difficult situations just like Solomon asked for wisdom to govern diligently.
Prayers should help to transform the mind-set and attitude of citizens to start working harder than they have been doing.
Gone should be the days when citizens will use prayers as an easy exit from problems, rather use the same to face challenges head-on.
The nation is expectant of the good tidings-good tidings that are a combination of prayer and hard-honest work.
The expectation is that Zambians will start living in one accord and show the ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ attitude.
The national anthem, the country’s prayer, will be sung with pride by every citizen.
The Zambian flag will also be cherished by citizens across the board.
Zambia has continued being a beacon of democracy and peace in Africa and it should be the wish for every citizen that the status quo should continue.
Just like trees in the forests rub against each other, so do citizens sometimes find themselves quarrelling due to misunderstandings.
But tension cannot continue because citizens should always be tolerant to divergent views.
The Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs has duty to ensure that prayer points from yesterday are followed through.
Praying for the country should be an ongoing supplication because challenges are upon the nation every day.

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