Maureen Nkandu launches autobiography

JOURNALIST Maureen Nkandu toasts with politician Vernon Mwaanga during the launch of her autobiography in Lusaka on Tuesday. On the right is Home Affairs permanent secretary Amos Malupenga. PICTURE:CHANDA MWENYA

INTERNATIONAL journalist and communications expert Maureen Nkandu has launched her autobiography titled `Tried and Tested – My First Fifty Years’.
The book is a candid account of her personal and professional experiences over the first 50 years of her life.

The book documents Ms Nkandu’s career in Zambia and abroad and her personal life.
“I felt that it would be so unfortunate if I did not share this aspect of my life with everyone. I was hoping that my story would inspire, encourage and excite provocation, and I know it is going to because I must confess it is a very frank book,” she shared.
Ms Nkandu’s book speaks about the truths she recorded over the years from the age of eight.
Veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga, who was guest of honour, described Ms Nkandu as a distinguished professional journalist, broadcaster and public affairs person.
He also congratulated her for launching the book at a time when the reading and writing culture in Zambia appears to be on the decline, and for being brave to defy this decline.
“Writing an autobiography requires a certain amount of bravery. I mean bravery to write a self-account of your life from a certain point in time. It requires a high level of recollection and accuracy because it often hinges on dates, names and events which touch on the lives of other people who are still alive, and who have their own recollections of the same events,” Dr Mwaanga explained.
Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) director general, Richard Mwanza said the work Ms Nkandu did and continues to do for the national broadcaster is valued.
He commended her for the effort in writing a book as “it is said that books are our best companions and are friends in the real sense”.


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