Maureen, Christine to celebrate women

FROM left: Seya, Scarlet, Kasili, Tasha, Christine and Maureen Lilanda.

LEGENDARY musician Maureen Lilanda and gospel artiste Christine have teamed up to celebrate phenomena women at the Experience Woman show in Lusaka next week at Mulungushi International Conference Centre.
The show, which will be hosted by ACM and Edel Events, will be held in honour of Women’s Day, two days after the international commemoration.
Birthed out of the need to give women a platform to tell their own stories from their perspective, the show will bring together women from all walks of life and age groups for an awesome time of music, dancing and great conversations.
Featuring supporting artistes such as Tasha, Seya, Kasila and Scarlet, the event, which is held annually, will this year run under the theme ‘Let’s Dance’.
“A woman was not born to fit into a specific box or stereotype. She can dream big, love fearlessly and lead boldly. She is a woman, we need to experience her,” Angel Mapoma, ACM Events chief executive officer (CEO) told the Weekend Mail.
“A woman is quite a complex individual, and that is evident by the number of times the phrase, ‘I just don’t understand women’, is said by both males and females. This statement is a result of women not being able to tell their own stories of struggles and successes in their own words,” Angel said.
He added that a woman cries, laughs, builds up and breaks down, loves and hates, sometimes she is a perfect homemaker and at other times, she trades in the home apron to relentlessly pursue her dream and career. It has never been a black or white situation with a woman and maybe that is the reason why many feel the need to explain who a woman is.
On the theme, Edward Mwale Edal Events CEO explains that ‘Let’s Dance’ means all women can dance out of poverty, disappointments, depression, insecurities, fear and anxieties, ignorance, abuse and bondage.

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