Matete won’t recognise Mpondela after Oct 1

MPONDELA and Matete.

Ndola, Lusaka
ZAMBIA Athletics (ZA) aspiring presidential candidate Samuel Matete says he will not recognise incumbent
Elias Mpondela as president after October 1 because the constitution clearly states the period his tenure is expected to elapse.
Matete will challenge the long-serving Mpondela at an election whose date is yet to be communicated with the two aspiring candidates having different views regarding what the constitution states on holding elections.
Mpondela is insisting elections will be held in December or March 2021 while according to Matete, the constitution says elections should be held in October since the tenure of office for the current executive is ending on October 1.
In an interview last week, Mpondela said those who want elections to be held next month could go ahead and
conduct theirs but ZA would not have any elections until December or next year. CLICK TO READ MORE

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