Letter to the Editor

Matero MP should push for rehab of Matero roads

Dear editor,
I WONDER if our Member of Parliament for Matero is aware of the deplorable state of the road which branches off from Great North Road past the Chunga dumpsite to Zingalume township; it is a nightmare.
This is an important road because it is used by vehicles, including trucks going to the industrial area along Mungwi Road and beyond.
Even the time Lumumba Road was under construction, it was the only route to the industrial area for motorists who were avoiding congestion going into or out of the central business district.
The adage: a stitch in time saves nine is appropriate in this case.
If the road is not worked on now, by the end of the rainy season, it will require a total overhaul which will be at a great cost given the rate of wear and tear that is currently taking place.
Meanwhile, public service vehicles are also contributing to the agony of driving and weaving through potholes and craters on that road because they stop anywhere and anytime without any consideration to other road users.

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