Letter to the Editor

Masters degree students receiving raw deal

Dear editor,
ALLOW me space in your newspaper to express my views on the way we graduate students are treated at the Copperbelt University (CBU).
As Masters degree students we are mostly being taught by lcturers with a mere Master’s degree, in some cases straight from Eastern Europe.
Some of these lecturers are retired military officers.
Those of us who graduated with our first degrees a long time ago and have gained a lot of experience in our respective industries feel these young lecturers are subjecting us to is quite disappointing.
This is unfair when one considers the amount of money we, privately sponsored students, pay in fees.
The lecturers’ lack of local practical experience becomes open when any of the Eastern Europe trained or former military officers is assigned to you as your supervisor.
As if that were not enough they are rarely in class or in their offices.
We were promised qualified university lecturers from Ethiopia, but to date they are nowhere to be seen.
Why are local privately-run universities unable to recruit professors, PhD holders and highly experienced Zambian lecturers?
For example, almost all the judges, prominent lawyers, businessmen and chief executive officers of reputable organisations are lecturing at private universities in Lusaka, and the impressive quality of their graduates is there for all to see.
Can the Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education provide answers to these pertinent questions?
As the government builds more public universities, it is important to seriously look into the quality of lecturers.

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