Master Sparks ‘Never gives up’

MASTER Sparks.

NKWETO MFULA, Chingola and ZIO MWALE, Lusaka
CHINGOLA-BASED R‘n’B and dancehall artiste Master Sparks, who was born Allison Nyirenda, has released a nine-track debut album titled Never give up, which comes almost 14 years since he entered the music industry.

Master Sparks, 32, previously did a song with Macky II and Jimmy Over Over in 2005 that was titled My Vision.
But then, he did not follow it up with anything substantial even as Macky II went on to bigger things.
But in his own way, the vision remained alive. And now, he has a full album, which was produced at Danger Zone Studios in Chingola.
The title-track of his album, done in bemba and English, talks about one not giving up easily when working at achieving one’s goals in life.
Other songs in the album are Ngawasumina, a bemba song about a woman who expresses happiness after a proposal from a man; and Yesu, a bemba song about Jesus who gives everything a man requires in life.
Meanwhile, Petersen Zagaze, who recently released the controversial Ba Muselela Kwakaba song, says there is a lot to expect from him this year.
He told the Weekend Mail that he is looking at releasing two albums by March, which will be follow-ups on King Solomon that he released in 2015. The two albums are titled Spartacus and Back to Basic albums, which will have 12 songs each.
“I have so much to do this year and my fans should stay glued because I will release my fourth and fifth albums,” he says.
Petersen shared that the Spartacus album has been produced by Jerry Fingaz and Ken Dee while Back to Basic is the work of Ben Blazer and Quincy Wizzy.
“The last time I launched an album was about three years ago, so I just feel I need to give my fans something fresh,” he says.

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