Letter to the Editor

Massive transfers of teachers has brought panic

Dear editor,
SCHOOLS are filled with panic at the news that the ministry will massively transfer teachers across the country by 2018. I write to state some of the negative effects this will cause.

The planned massive countrywide transfers of teachers will affect the nation negatively in the years to come. Firstly at family level, especially for couples will be separated by horizontal movements of the policy.
It is demoralising to start with because you are moving in the same capacity from one station to another, this in turn affects the work output. Secondly it will fuel sexual immorality leading to high levels of HIV infection and broken homes, as the Bible warns us “ Let each man have his own wife and each woman her own husband” 1 Corinthians 5:2.
It is the question of not just marrying but having the wife or husband with you. We need to consider this seriously.
Further, there is a fight against loneliness whenever people who have been together are separated without their involvement.
If I am separated from spouse for a long time, much of the time will be spent combating feeling of loneliness due to the absence of a partner.
For a teacher, this will take away quality time to prepare for lessons and erode effective teaching, in turn lead to poor performance.
What then do we need to do?
Let’s value family units, strong families will give us strong nation.
Everything hinges upon the strength of the family.
If the family is destabilised even the quality of work will drop.
Do we need a strong civil service? We need strong families.
Do we need strong churches? We need strong families.
Think of the inconvenience of moving officers from a station with accommodation to one without accommodation, coupled with the headache of loading and offloading.

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