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Mashombe Blue Jeans ready for another album

WHEN you talk about the Tonga Music Festival held annually by Radio Chikuni in Monze, groups like Katebe band, Buche Buche band, Tusole band, the X band, the Liverpool Young Stars band and Mashombe blue Jeans band come to the fore.
Yes, Mashombe Blue Jeans!
Their brand of kalindula music has made them a household name for keen followers of traditional Zambian music.
The eight-member band has released a number of albums since it was formed in 1989; 15 albums in fact.
But they are not yet done on that front; according to band leader Nebat Mashombe, the outfit is looking to releasing another album next year.
“We’re ready to produce an eight track album known as I Will Never Forget You,” Mashombe told the Weekend Mail in an interview.
The album consists of songs that mainly talk about love and there is a slight departure by the group as they have some songs done in English.
It is a actually a big departure.
“Most of the songs in our previous albums were done in Tonga but this time we are doing some songs in English,” he said.
Meanwhile, hip hop artiste Chef is tonight expected to host an album release party for his latest effort AMNESIA at Club Insomnia in Kitwe.
The new album is being released at the same time as Chef 187’s new clothing line ‘In a relationship ne ndalama’ which is an urban wear range of coats, head socks, caps and t-shirts.
Chef 187 says the album release party is happening at the same time as the launch of his new clothing range to reward fans that have been expecting his new album for the last one year.
“We’re launching AMNESIA after fans were kept waiting for most of this year. It’s an album that expresses my growth as an artiste and I hope it connects me even further with the people that have supported me over the years,” the rapper says.
He says the clothing line is a natural progression for his brand as it represents the culture and communities that have followed his career over the years, attending his concerts, supporting him via social media and purchasing his albums.
Chef 187 has had a massive year in 2016, performing at major events countrywide and working with organisations to promote social causes across the country. The popular artiste has performed at Octoberfest and Vodafone’s pre-launch party among other major events this year. He is also anticipated by fans to perform at next year’s Day of Thunder concert.
And as a true demonstration of his rapid rise as a brand, Chef 187 worked with major international and regional brands such as Coca Cola and Hungry Lion, helping major brands make meaningful connections with his fans and the general public.

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