Masheke counsels South Africa

FORMER Prime Minister Malimba Masheke says South Africans should realise that their freedom from apartheid was achieved with lots of support from many other Africans in other parts of the continent.
And Muslims in Zambia have also strongly condemned all atrocities and killings around the world with the latest being xenophobic attacks in South Africa.
General Masheke, who also once served as Zambia’s Defence Minister and Army Commander, described xenophobic attacks in South Africa as sad and should not be condoned.
He said in an interview on Friday that South Africans should value other Africans because Africa shares its vision of peace, love and unity across the continent.
“The South Africans should realise that the peace they are enjoying today is as a result of the peace and unity that all Africans exhibited during and after apartheid in that country,” Mr Masheke said.
Mr Masheke said all Africans should speak against the attacks and bring it to a stop.
And Makeni Islamic Society chairman Huzaifa Jada in a statement yesterday that the horrendous xenophobic atrocities are outrageous and unacceptable to Muslims and non-Muslims.
Mr Jada has appealed to founding fathers such as former President Dr Kenneth Kaunda, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and former South African President Thabo Mbeki to help stop the xenophobic attacks before they escalate regionally.
“The language of Islam being used by perpetrators has nothing to do with Muslims and Islam,” Mr Jada said.
“We are one people why should we deem other people from other countries as bad elements. We pray for peace and may the Almighty bless our land and the entire globe,’’ Mr Jada said.
Mr Jada emphasised that Islam is a religion of peace.
“The Quran has likened the killing of one innocent person to the killing of the entire humanity,” Mr Jada lamented.
And Multi-Choice Zambia is appalled by the acts of violence against foreigners in South Africa and strongly condemns these acts.
“As a multi-cultural African organisation ‘we respect and embrace diversity, and all the different traditions and religions across the continent.
“This is demonstrated through our multinational staff complement, rich African programming and channels on both our DStv and GOtv platforms,” Multi-Choice Zambia public relations Mwiika Malindima said in a statement.
Mr Malindima said MultiChoice advocates equality and freedom for all and condemns xenophobic acts.
He said “we believe Africa’s potential can be achieved through unity and peace. Our condolences go to the families and friends of those who have been affected or lost their lives in these unforgiveable acts of violence.”

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