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Marsella Ng’ombe: Living her fashion dream

Marsella Ng’ombe beams with joy and gratitude upon realising that her decision to quit her job at Ecobank to pursue her dream of making handmade wigs has paid off.
Her dream of making wigs and growing it into a big business did not come overnight, rather it’s a childhood fantasy.
She recounts: “I remember growing up, how my parents would give us (me and my siblings) money to do our hair and I would partly plait my hair and ask the hairdressers at the salon to finish it up.”
And so the passion burnt in her and made her quit her job, which many thought was absurd, but unknown to them, Mrs Ng’ombe, 28, a mother, wife and a banker by profession, was determined to follow her dream, come what may.
“When the idea of quitting my job came up, many thought I was being paranoid, especially that I was pregnant then. But my ever-loving husband believed in me and supported me all the way,” she recalls.
We live in a world where white-collar jobs are what everyone is looking out for without realising that the talent one has can earn them an income and enable them create employment for others.
But today, Mrs Ng’ombe has no regrets over the decision she made a year ago as she has a full-time business of making wigs.
Her business runs under the name ‘Signature Beauty’ and enjoys a large following on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.
The wigs she makes are suitable for women from all walks of life, especially now that ladies are into fashion and looking beautiful.
“I cater for women from all walks of life. The wigs are good especially when you are having a bad hair day, they are very handy and you can never go wrong,” she said.
Her determination, creativity and zeal recently earned her a slot to showcase her products at the just ended Zambia Fashion Week, which is annually held under the auspices of proprietor Karen Nakawala.
Mrs Ng’ombe said, “I’m glad Zambia Fashion Week saw my potential and gave me a chance to showcase my wigs. I feel the opportunity was worthwhile as it brought me some customers and I believe the best is yet to come out of everything I’m doing now.”
Her business runs successfully because of the marketing and business skills she learnt from Ecobank.
Apart from making wigs, Mrs Ng’ombe is also into make-up business and does plus-size modelling for various modelling agencies.
Also, her passion for modelling started off when she was in high school way up to her college days.
“I have modelled for various agencies and now that I’m a mother and have grown in size, I still do plus-size modelling for some agencies,” Mrs Ng’ombe happily said.
However her business like any other, is not without challenges, but with the urge to grow it, she is slowly overcoming them.
“Sometimes, I’m faced with some customers who do not trust me with their hair. I also have to balance my life as a business woman, mother and wife, but I’m slowly working to overcome my challenges,” Mrs Ng’ombe said.
She envisions growing a multi-million wig business in Zambia, thereby creating employment for young people and contributing to national development.
Mrs Ng’ombe believes in a world where women are able to do anything and contribute to the development of the country.

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