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Married woman finds lover through radio, ditches hubby

THE Lusaka Boma Court has heard how a Lusaka housewife left her husband and matrimonial home for a man she met through a dating programme on Komboni Radio station.
Royda Katukula, 30, of Lusaka West told principal presiding magistrate Mable Mwaba, senior court magistrates Dennis Mpundu and Miyanda Banda that she left her home because her husband Constein Daka, 35, failed to take care of her when she had a toothache.
This was in a case in which Daka of Chudleigh township sued Katukula of Lusaka West for marriage reconciliation. The two got married in 2005 and have one child together. The two have been on separation for one month.
Katukula said the same day she had an argument with Daka, she heard a request on Komboni Radio about a man looking for a woman to marry.
“The man’s number was given on radio, so I decided to call him. I never told him that I was married but I told him about my child and he didn’t mind, so we moved in together,” she said.
Katukula, who even pointed out to the man she is alleged to be having an affair with in the court, said Daka pushed her into the arms of another man as he was not paying attention to her needs.
“I left because he failed to take care of me when I had a toothache. He said he didn’t want to find me when he got home from work that day, so I got upset and left his house.”
But Daka told the court that he did not understand the reason his wife left their home until he carried out his own investigations.
“A month ago, I got home and found Katukula had packed all her personal belongings and had left. When I called her, she told me she was at her parents’ home,” he said.
Daka said when he started investigating for himself; he discovered that she was staying with another man in Lusaka West.
“I met a man, whom she had hired a taxi from when she was moving to Lusaka West. He is the one who told me that she was staying with another man. I have brought her to court so that she explains her position because as far as I’m concerned, she is my wife,” he said.
However, when Katukula confessed and pointed out to the man she was staying with, Daka begged the court to adjourn the case because he wanted to sue him for committing adultery with his wife.
Passing judgment, the court adjourned pending judgment from the adultery case.