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‘You married my daughter 17 years ago, pay bride price!’

A LUSAKA woman has complained in the Chilenje local court that she is fed up of her in-laws’ reluctance to pay the bride pride 17 years after marrying her daughter.
Edith Chileshe, 64, of Mtendere East told senior magistrate George Kaoma that Maron Tembo, 45, of the same township has never shown any commitment towards paying the bride price for his wife.
This was in a case in which Chileshe sued Tembo for payment of the bride price. The court heard that Tembo married Chileshe’s daughter in 1998 and that they have three children together.
Chileshe told the court that since Tembo married her daughter, he has been elusive and keeps evading family meetings called to discuss settlement of the bride price.
“We first charged him for damage and at least he managed to settle that, although he equally took his time. We have been urging him to settle the bride price but he does not take this matter seriously. He claims I am a gold digger for demanding for my money now,” she said.
Chileshe also complained that Tembo’s relatives insult her for demanding for the bride price 17 years later.
In his statement, Maron claimed that Chileshe and her family have never called him to discuss the bride price. He said he was willing to pay the money as soon as arrangements were made to discuss the issue.
Passing judgement, the court ordered Tembo to pay K3,200 in monthly instalments of K500 starting April monthend.

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