‘Marriage is meant to be enjoyed’

EMMANUEL MUKULA, a life coach, is the guest writer this week and he gives advice on what women should expect from a marriage.
He writes:
I WILL say this again for the 100th time maybe, there is nothing I wish to see than an empowered generation of women in Zambia. I want to see women respected and loved and cherished and given all the attention by their men. I want to see women that know their worth and in their humility refuse to be treated like second class human beings while weak minded men glorify and validate themselves as they inflict pain on them.
I want to see an empowered woman that will stay in her marriage for love and not support because she cannot stand on her own. I live to see that. I really cannot wait.
Women need to know that marriage is really good but, should never in any way be their life’s ultimate goal. It should be a bonus to what they can be. It should be the icing on their life cake. There is so much more you as a woman can be besides just being a housewife and raising kids while you remain excessively dependent on your man. It’s about time. Dream big, dream great and follow your dreams and let your accomplishments get you the respect and independence we all need.
Refuse to be in marriages where you have to cry always. You deserve better. You have to know this. Know your worth and settle for nothing less in life. If you are not loved, respected and cherished, then you should not be in that relationship to begin with.
We are tired of burying our women before time simply because of their low self-esteemed men that are so weak and validate their masculinity by turning their wives into punching bags.
If you are married to such a monster, please leave and start a life alone. If you are not married yet see tempers flying from your man or he beats you, please wake up and quit wasting the best years of your life on what will only see you dead.
Remember this ladies – Men will always treat you the way you let them treat you. If you stay with him even after he cheats, beats you, sleeps around and talks to you like nothing, then he will see nothing wrong with it and will never stop treating you that way.
Know what’s good for you and refuse to entertain men that refuse to cherish and love you. There has got to be more life has to offer besides being in a marriage or relationship where you have to endure when you are supposed to enjoy it.
In ending, let me say that, marriage is supposed to be enjoyed. Please go ahead and love your men, respect them and submit to them but, never accept abuse. Never settle for anything less than you put in. You need your respect and care that a man needs to give you. If all he does is make you cry and refuses to see your worth and appreciate your presence, it’s time you made him start to appreciate your absence. Leave him and wait for better.
That is food for thought for all the women out there.
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