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Marriage is a partnership

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
THEY say as women get older, they become desperate for marriage and will entertain anyone or anything in the hope of finding a man who will pop the idea of marriage.
Just as much as there is common age range women get married, that should be the reason for one to be in a panic mode and settle for less.
We have seen how some women’s desperation for marriage has led them into ending up with men who are not able to fend for the family. Society calls these men John solyo bwali. A man does not always have to be in formal employment to fend for his family, but what is important is to see a man who makes an effort to take care of his wife and children. That is his God- given role – he is the head of the home.
God blesses every individual at different points in their lives, both men and women, but when you are in a panic mode, you are bound to end up with an abuser since it will be clear that marriage is what you want at all costs.
Marriage is a good thing but it should be a good marriage because God created this union to be a lifelong commitment. However, because of being desperate, I have seen how some women cling on to relationships that do not add any value to their lives.
Each passing day, they keep hoping and praying that one day the man will ask for their hand in marriage. If this does not happen, this is where you find such women ending up with husbands who become totally dependent on their wives for their livelihoods.
When I see such man I always wonder where such a man’s pride to comfortably sit pretty and wait to be spoon-fed by a woman. It is not that a man should always earn more money that the wife, but what is appreciated is the effort that a man will make to take up his God-given role.
Husbands and wives are supposed to supplement each other, but the burden should not be loaded on a woman alone all in the name of wanting a marriage.
Again, marriage is a good thing but it should be worthwhile.
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