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Marriage ‘drowns’ in kachasu


RECKLESS drinking of a local spirit called kachasu has cost a 42-year-old woman of Kanyama Township her marriage of 16 years.
Beatrice Lukwesa, who once suffered a mental problem because of abusing alcohol, was ditched by her husband Frazer Mwila, 43, because of her love for beer.
Mwila told the Kanyama Local Court that Lukwesa’s insatiable appetite for alcohol led her to start exchanging relish for beer.
He was testifying in a matter in which he was sued for marriage reconciliation.
The couple got married in 2004 and has four children together.
“Problems in our marriage started when our first child clocked five years. My wife started drinking secretly and being found with wrong friends.
I counselled her many times but she was getting worse each day that passed,” Mwila said.
He told the court that at one time Lukwesa suffered a mental problem and was taken to Chainama Hospital for treatment. CLICK TO READ MORE

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