Market traders protest demolition plan

Lusaka, Kitwe
ABOUT 2,000 marketeers trading at Munyaule market in Lusaka’s Chalala yesterday protested against the planned lease of the facility by Lusaka City Council (LCC) as well as their planned relocation to Simon Mwewa Lane Market (SMLM) near City Market.
LCC has gone into a lease agreement with Kaddoura Engineering Construction Company, which has been tasked to construct shops for the traders. The lease is for 13 years, but very few details regarding the agreement are available.
But Lusaka Mayor Chilando Chitangala said during the construction of the shops, the traders will be required to move to SMLM and only return to Munyaule market when works are completed.
“We have gone into a partnership for their (marketeers’) own benefit, but it takes time for them to understand,” Ms Chitangala said. “Kaddoura has paid the agreed amount and is ready to start work. It might take six months or a year for them to return to the market but CLICK TO READ MORE

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