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‘Marital counselling took long’

AFTER sending his heavily pregnant wife to the Alangizi for marital counselling, a Lusaka husband decided to marry another wife instead of waiting for her to return from her training.
Amadu Phiri said his wife Gift Bwalya was a drunkard who lacked marital training on how to care for her husband’s needs as well as the needs of their three children.
Testifying in the Matero Local court where he had been sued by Bwalya for divorce, Phiri said his wife has been influenced by the people she associates with in their neighbourhood.
“I was under the impression she didn’t drink alcohol when we got married but I later discovered she was a drunkard. She is a type of woman who prefers being at a bar than at home taking care of the children,” Phiri said.
He told senior court magistrates Lewis Mumba and Pauline Newa that he married Bwalya in 2009 and that problems in their marriage started in 2011.
“I married another woman after I took back Bwalya to marriage counsellors because I could no longer tolerate her behaviour. Even her family is aware of the other woman,” he said.
But Bwalya accused Phiri of having extra-marital affairs and not supporting his family.
“He sent me to the Alangizi for a week and when I called him to come and pick me at my parents after the training, he told me he was in Livingstone. A week later, he told me there was no marriage between us because he has married to another woman,” she said.
The court in passing judgment granted divorce citing unreasonable behaviour by Phiri. He was also ordered to pay K5, 000 as compensation in monthly instalments of K250 effective August month end.
Phiri was also ordered to pay K300 monthly as child maintenance.