Marijuana knocks out policeman

A FIRST-TIME pull of marijuana has landed a Ndola-based police officer in detention apart from losing his mind when he went high on the stuff.

The police officer began to behave strangely when the narcotic drug took effect, and it was only when he came back to senses that he explained that he had smoked the drug for the first time.
The incident took place on Friday.
Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga identified the police officer as Mathews Mwenda, 29, who was rushed to Thomson Hospital in Luanshya for suspected mental illness when he began to exhibit strange behaviour.
Police said Mwenda is detained with three G4 security officers for being found in possession of marijuana and the four suspects are expected to appear in Luanshya Magistrates Court tomorrow.
Ms Katanga said the officer was on duty escorting the cash in a transit delivery van in the company of the three security guards from Ndola to Luanshya.
Ms Katanga identified the G4 security officers as Timothy Kayanda, 43, of New Mushili township, Gift Kunda, 46, who is commander for cash in transit for the security firm, of Twapia township, and Vincent Mwaba of new Mushili township.
She said the four have been charged with being in possession of marijuana and the Drug Enforcement Commission has since taken charge of the case.
The police officer is alleged to have smoked the marijuana while in a Nissan Pick-up vehicle with the guards and they were all armed with rifles.
Ms Katanga said the four were detained after Mwenda explained the ordeal to the medical staff at Thomson Hospital.
She said Mwenda is alleged to have been given the marijuana by the security guards he accompanied on the delivery vehicle and they all took the dagga but it left Mwenda dazed.
Ms Katanga said the police will not tolerate unprofessional conduct.
She said some of the marijuana was found in the vehicle and will be exhibited in court.
And in Kitwe, NKOMBO KACHEMBA reports that police are holding a 23-year-old man who on Friday night allegedly shattered a Shoprite stores glass door and entered the store to feast on goodies.
Daniel Chileshe Chanda, of Wusakile township, with a kick, shattered the glass, triggering the security alarm.
The incident happened at about 22:30 hours.
Vigilant police officers on patrol quickly rushed to the scene and took positon around the building while Chanda was treating himself to a ‘feast’ inside.
As soon as he entered the store, he made for a one-litre container of Parmalat milk, before shifting to the snack section, where he settled for a packet of biscuits.
Chanda also reached out for a bottle of mayonnaise, peanut butter and two loaves of bread before concluding his ‘shopping spree’.
To further prevent the pangs of hunger, Chanda allegedly took a bite of an apple and sampled a pack of yoghurt, according to on-lookers.
Police officers, who were outside waiting for further instructions, later gained entry into the store to apprehend Chanda, who was found still imbibing the milk.
Copperbelt commissioner of police Charity Katanga and Shoprite general manager Charles Bota confirmed the incident in separate interviews yesterday.
And Mrs Katanga said the value of the goods which Chanda picked from the shelves is K59.
And Mr Bota also confirmed the break-in but referred further queries to the police.

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