Marcopolo Tiles thinks outside box

PROFILE - PRESIDENT Lungu (right) listening to Wonderful Group chairman Huang Yaochi during the opening of Marcopolo Tiles Company Limited in Chilanga District of Lusaka. PICTURE: SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE

MARCOPOLO Tiles Company Limited will invest US$11.5 million in the manufacturing of bathtubs and bathroom materials in view of the booming construction industry locally and in the region.
Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) recently acquired 22.6 percent shares in Marcopolo Tiles.
In 2016, the company started with a US$35 million investment to manufacture and supply floor and wall tiles.
Chief financial officer Frank Mulenga said the investment, which is part of the phase four project, is expected to start early next year.
The company, a subsidiary of Wonderful Group of Companies in Zambia, has so far employed 550 locals, with over 200 jobs expected to be created next year.
“From the start of the project, we pledged to invest US$35 million and we have exceeded that target by CLICK TO READ MORE

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