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Mansa woman in court for defaming friend

A THIRTY-SIX-year-old woman of Mansa has dragged her best friend to court for tarnishing her name by accusing her of flirting with her husband.
This was heard in a case in which Judith Banda of Chinanda village sued Catherine Kabwe for compensation for defamation of character.
Banda said she has been friends with Kabwe since childhood and that the two had a good relationship until Kabwe started accusing her of going out with her husband.
She said her friend borrowed money from her but she failed to pay back in good time and that she advised her to go and get her money from her husband.
“I went to her husband as she told me but she found me and started accusing me of sleeping with her husband,” Banda said.
She said each time her friend meets her in public, she calls her a worthless prostitute.
Banda said Kabwe had also been sending messages to her husband informing him that his wife had been sleeping with her (Kabwe’s) husband.
Banda said her husband has since lost trust in her and that her marriage is on the verge of breaking because of Kabwe’s behaviour.
And Kabwe said she was surprised to see her friend at her husband’s work place.
She, however, denied ever accusing her friend of sleeping with her husband saying she trusted her so much.
The court adjourned the case for judgement.