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Manage petroleum, electricity effectively, ERB urged

ENERGY Minister Christopher Yaluma has called on the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) to effectively manage the petroleum and electricity sub-sectors.
Mr Yaluma said the energy sector is currently facing a lot of challenges especially in the electricity and petroleum sub-sectors.
He said he was expectant that the ERB will correctly interpret Government energy policy whose major role is to ensure efficiency and competitiveness of the energy industry in addition to promoting the participation of Zambians in driving the sector.
Mr Yaluma was speaking on Friday night when he officiated at the 6th ERB strategic business plan for the period 2014-2016.
He said organisational strategic planning is indispensable to any institution in pursuing the set goals and vision, adding that ERB should ensure that it effectively implements the set objectives in its two-year strategic plan.
“Having the plan is meaningless if nothing is done to consistently implement the elements contained therein. I note that one of the two broad goals of the plan is to increase compliance by licensed entities to the set technical standards,” Mr Yaluma said.
Mr Yaluma said he expects the planned goals in the strategic plan to translate in the enhancement of the regulatory frame-work which should see improvements in infrastructure and services from filling stations, fuel transporters, electricity and petroleum utilities and other licensees.
Mr Yaluma said the second goal in the strategic plan relates to attaining cost reflective tariffs, which is a key factor in attracting the necessary investment in the energy sector, particularly the power sector.
“Although attainment of this goal may be a challenge, it is my expectation that ERB will diligently work towards attainment of cost reflectivity in the costing of energy in the country,” Mr Yaluma said.
And ERB Board chair pastor Geoff Mwape said the launch of the plan is the first step in the quest to have regulatory success in the coming two years.
Pastor Mwape said the main thrust of ERB during the strategic plan period will be to achieve 95 percent compliance by all licensed entities to the technical standards for energy infrastructure and to attain cost reflective tariffs and margins for improved viability in the energy sector.
Speaking earlier ERB executive director Langiwe Lungu said through the plan, ERB will effectively and efficiently monitor the performance of licensed entities.

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