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Man weeps over conjugal rights

FORTY-FIVE-YEAR-OLD man of Mansa wailed before a local court because he could not bear the thought of living separately from his wife who has allegedly been denying him his conjugal rights for eight months.
Joseph Nkole cried when he appeared before local court magistrate Leorntina Zaloumis and magistrate Margaret Sakalimba.
This is in a case in which he has been sued by his wife Bernadette Chanda for divorce.
Nkole, who has been accused of being a drunkard and a violent man by his wife, could not hide his emotions when he begged the court not to separate them.
He, however, later gathered strength and explained in court that he has been married for 18 years and that he has become a drunkard because his wife denies him his conjugal rights

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