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Man sued for deserting wife

A TWENTY-SIX -YEAR-OLD woman of Kwacha Township in Kitwe has asked the Buchi local court to grant her divorce from her husband who is a police officer for allegedly deserting her for over a year and failing to support her and their two children.

This is in a case in which Cynthia Mwape has sued her husband of six years, Oswald Mutale,35, for divorce on grounds that he has married another woman and has neglected to support her and the children.

When the matter came up for hearing before Buchi senior presiding magistrate Nsama Banda, Mwape narrated that the couple lived in harmony when they got married in 2011 but problems started in February 2016 when Mutale’s brother died in Chinsali district, Muchinga Province.
“My husband asked me to travel to Chinsali for the funeral. There was a bus that was arranged to transport mourners but when I went there, they told me to just go back because the bus was full,” she said.
Mwape narrated that her failure to go for the funeral sparked outrage from Mutale who told her that she did well not to go to Chinsali because his relatives in Chinsali did not even know her.
She narrated that Mutale told her that his relatives had endorsed another woman whom he intended to marry.
Mwape testified that Mutale stopped talking to her and instead started sending her text messages saying that he did not love her anymore.
She testified that since her husband used to go out in the field most of the time, he would leave his Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card with her but after the differences, he withdrew it.
Mwape narrated that in August last year, her husband packed her belongings and instructed a taxi driver to take her to her parents’ home in Kwacha township where she has been since then.
She said Mutale has never called her or checked on the welfare of the children during the period they have been apart.
Mwape said efforts to reconcile have failed because Mutale has not co-operated.
She said she is aware that Mutale is now living with another woman and that it is better for the marriage to be dissolved officially.
And Mutale told the court he had differences with Mwape because she never used to welcome his relatives whenever they visited.
Magistrate Banda adjourned the matter for judgment.


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