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Man sends wife packing

AFTER Marjory Mwango’s former husband, Maxwell Kumwenda no longer desired to be with her, he packed her things and told her to leave his house.
“He told me I was not his type and that he wanted to marry another woman,” Mwango told the Chelstone Local Court in a child maintenance case.
Mwango, a resident of Ng’ombe Township and a teacher at Flying Angels Community School, told magistrates Mary Namangala and Brenda Zulu, that Kumwenda did not financially and materially support their three children.
The pair was married in 2003 but have since divorced.
Since their divorce, Mwango said Kumwenda had shown very little financial responsibility towards their children.
“He used to pay for the school fees of our first child but doesn’t anymore,” Mwango said. “I pay all of our children’s school fees.”
She said she was aware Kumwenda was working even though he was denying it.
Mwango also told the court that their marriage ended in 2008 and Kumwenda had been ordered to pay K100 every month.
But Kumwenda, who spoke very little, said he would take support to Mwango once he found money as he was out of a job. He said he paid for their children’s school fees and had receipts to prove it.
Mwango however countered that she too had papers showing one of her children was chased from school.
The court upheld Mwango’s child maintenance claim and also wanted to know if just because Kumwenda was not working, their children should not eat.
He was told to pay K350 per month, starting at the end of September 2014, which was to be subject to a yearly review.
Kumwenda was also told that all school fees and medicals were to be paid by him and he could have access to his children during school holidays.

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