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Man seeks divorce over conjugal rights

A KITWE man has told the local court that he is tired of kneeling before his wife to ask her to sleep with him and he is now seeking divorce from her because he cannot continue in the marriage.

Before Kitwe local court senior magistrate Frederick Ndhlovu was Samuel Mwika who told the court that his wife, Suwilanji Nalwamba, has been denying him conjugal rights.
Mwika told the court that the couple which has three children together married in 2010 and three out of four cows were paid as bride price.
He narrated that their marriage should come to an end because of his wife’s continued sex ban, a situation that has led him to impregnating another woman.
“My wife suddenly begun to act strangely. She does not allow me to touch her. I thought the behaviour was because we used to live at her parent’s house but she continued even after we shifted.
“Whenever I want us to meet as a couple, I need to plead, and kneel but she does not give in to my plea. I cannot continue like this. It is better for us to divorce,” Mwika submitted.
He said he has used all avenues to have them reconciled and he has been left with no choice but to call it quits.
He also said he fears for his manhood as his wife always grabs him whenever they have a fight.
In her defence, Nalwamba said she cannot keep up with Mwika’s sex demands even when he knows that she was just from giving birth to their third child.
She accused Mwika of bringing a sexually transmitted infection (STI) in their home.
“It is true I have not given him sex in a long time, apart from last week, he is promiscuous and has already brought an STI in our home. He likes demanding for sex even when he knows I just gave birth,” she said.
Magistrate Ndhlovu granted divorce and admonished Mwika for impregnating another woman even when he was legally married to Nalwamba.
He ordered Mwika to pay K6,000 as compensation in monthly instalments of K200.